Next news from around the world

Hey guys, Just wanted to give you a bigger picture of what Next is doing among young people and ministry leaders around the world and ask you to pray! Radke Transition - Our new teammates, the Radke family, have now returned to Japan and moved into their new home in Nagoya. We're looking forward to [...]


Let’s get real…

During our debrief last month with MTW we shared what God has been doing the last 4 years in Japan. As we shared, it became apparent that God was more concerned with the work he needed to do IN us this term than what he had been doing THROUGH us.  The counselors responded with "Oh [...]

Musings on Camp Braveheart 2017

It's hard to explain what it was like to be part of Camp Braveheart this year, a camp that Riva's mom started for kids who have lost loved ones. Often overlooked in the wake of a family member's death, 64 campers showed up to grieve their loved ones (some for the first time) and share [...]

Surprise! Europe Area Retreat

I bet you didn't know that Next hosted a retreat for MKs in Europe two weeks ago... that's because our team has grown to the point where we were they didn't need us to attend! As our team continues to grow, we're developing the ability to localize our ministry focus, which for us means that [...]

First week (back) in the USA

A friend emailed today to ask how our adjustment has been and this is what I told him. Hopefully it will help you know how to pray for us: "The basement is great! Way better than I could have imagined." My in-laws worked hard to make their basement into a comfortable, private 2 bedroom(!!) apartment [...]

2 Baptisms This Month!

God's love is amazing! Last week we got to see just a little of the breadth of it when M-San was baptized into the family of God. She had been coming to our church on and off for about 2 years, but long before that the Almighty chose to set his heart on this unremarkable young [...]

A peek behind the curtain

The last 4 years in Japan haven't always been booming with fruit in ministry. At times we've felt impotent, illiterate, and aimless. But sometimes God graciously peels the curtain back to allow us to see the amazing story he is writing behind the scenes -one that ends with countless people from all over the world worshiping at [...]

New Year Musings – Bearing Fruit

Sometimes it's hard to believe that God knows what He is doing. When are my Japanese friends going to finally experience the good news of the gospel? When is this kid I've been ministering to going to quit being so difficult? What is God waiting on? Doesn't He care? Then I go through my list of [...]