Moshi, Moshi

Welcome to our new blog!  We’re so glad you stopped in.

We hope this will be a place where you can stay updated on what the Lord is doing as we prepare for, pray toward, and pursue ministry in Japan.  We’d love for you to follow along on this journey with us by subscribing to our blog (just to the right), and that way we can notify you whenever the site is updated.

So, why “moshi, moshi”?  It’s not just that our friend Andrew daily greets us with the phrase, using a ridiculous impersonation of a Japanese accent.  There’s more to it than that.  Moshi, moshi means something akin to an informal “hello” on the telephone. However, it can also be used to get someone’s attention.  As I thought about it, I realized how well this phrase captures not only the gospel, but also our approach to ministry.

Our deepest desire is to create a culture of hospitality in Nagoya, which feels like a warm “hello” to Japanese youth and missionary kids; a place where they feel safe and can ask hard questions.  In doing so, we hope that the gospel will get their attention – calling them out of the sin that so easily entangles, and drawing them increasingly into the worship and service of the God who made us and gave himself to redeem us. Toward that end we pray, live, and blog.

May you too be increasingly encouraged to come out of your daydream and into the light of the gospel of Christ as you follow along with us on the journey of a lifetime!


6 thoughts on “Moshi, Moshi

  1. Love the name and the posts! I am so proud of the man God called you to be, Brooks. Riva you are an amazing woman and I am so thankful God put you and Broooks together.

  2. It was such a treat reading through your blog and viewing the photos of your continued “story.” Seeing your smiling faces brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart, almost like a “face to face” encounter. You all are on an amazing adventure and I am honored to be able to share in the joy of the Lord in your life. May His grace and peace guard your hearts and minds. Shalom, Sharai

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