We’re here!

That’s right.  It took us like 14 hours, but we made it to Salem, VA with the help of my parents and my gorgeous and very single brother, Rob.  (Thanks guys!  We love you!)  But, the fun didn’t stop there.  After we arrived on Thursday, we moved our stuff into four different places around town: Total Life Counseling, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Riva’s parents’ house where we’ll live for the summer, and a 5×10 storage unit. On Saturday, we spent some time at Thunder Valley, one of Salem’s most popular attractions, playing mini golf and racing cars.In other news, Riva and I now have big kid jobs!  I had the opportunity to preach on Sunday at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA and will do so for the next two weeks, while their pastor, my Father-in-law is in South Africa.  I’ll continue filling the pulpit as needed throughout the summer.  During the week, I’ll be hanging out with their junior and senior high students.  Riva started as a resident at Total Life Counseling today, where she’ll be seeing clients and working toward licensure until we head to Japan.

We definitely miss our friends back in St. Louis already, but we are deeply thankful for the warm welcome we have received from our new church body here, and are so excited about the opportunity God has given us to share his love here in Salem.   Pray for us!

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