Highlights of the past two weeks

After a two week whirlwind from Ridge Haven to Readiness Evaluation we are finally back in Virginia trying to catch up on much needed rest. The past two weeks confirmed our love for missionary kids and our call to Japan. We had a wonderful time meeting missionaries, hearing stories, stepping outside of our comfort zone, and depending on Christ 100% for strength and ability to serve him. Instead of writing 100 pages on our experiences (which I think we could easily do) we are going to offer a reader’s digest version by sharing our highlights from each week.


1. Getting to spend a week working with our two sisters Carolyne and Kristen, who are Ridge Haven counselors this summer (and they’re sooo great at it!), and also hearing everyone talk about Brooks’ youngest brother Rob (who has been at Ridge Haven for three weeks this summer and is considering becoming a professional camper).

2. Getting to share a few meals with the newest member of the GYFM team, Jonathan Taylor, and watching Japan play in the semi-finals with Bruce Young, a missionary to Japan.  It was so great to hear the stories of missionaries and listen as they shared their infinite wisdom about life on the field with us.

3. Taking the missionary kids to sliding rock (despite the freezing water we had a blast!)

4. Taking the kids through a study on Judges during the week. Thinking about the greatness of God as he uses distracted people to grow his kingdom!

5. Spending some quality time with our incredible boss and his beautiful wife Eric and Rebecca Larsen.

6. Meeting some awesome new missionary families, and reconnecting with some families that we already knew!

Brooks, Liam and Lake McGinty, two MK's from South Africa!

7. Watching Archie Moore, Brooks’ pastor from Greenwood PCA do the slip and slide! He and his wife Glenda are a huge an encouragement to us.  They are also incredibly gifted at serving missionary families and it was a privilege to work alongside of them.

8. Getting chanted into everything!! Including the slip-and-slide and the new awesome SWING.

9. Serving with great counselors and staff at Ridge Haven, and not just because we’re related to a lot of them! 🙂 We even had the privilege of watching our friend Stacey Senter  (an MK from Chile) serve as a counselor and use her giftedness to serve the MKs in her cabin.

10. The talent show at the end of the week! Watching the girls cabin sing “If I weren’t a missionary kid this is what I’d be…” and then getting forced up on stage to sing the “bear bear song.” If you haven’t heard it please ask Brooks to sing it to you sometime!


  1. Spending time with refugees and working with World Relief
Jenna and me with the family we met from Nepali.

2. Getting to know the MTW Staff

3. Enjoying time with friends and making new ones.

4. Learning more about ourselves.

5. Seeing God’s sovereign grace more clearly.

Sorry we don’t have more pictures from REV to show you, but we have been sworn to secrecy, so we’ve told you all we can.  We do, however, sincerely appreciate your prayers and support over the past two weeks. We are so excited to begin itineration now (support raising, language prep, etc.).  Next, will be heading to Japan for the first two weeks in September and then to Interview and Orientation later in the month. We hope you will continue to join with us in prayer as we raise funds for these trips and prepare to be gone again!

4 thoughts on “Highlights of the past two weeks

  1. You guys are so gifted and evermore, I am so glad it’s YOU that’s going to Japan!!!! 🙂 Thanks for posting. Love the updates.

  2. Thank you for the faithful ministries through the power, goodness, and greatness of Christ to SO MANY OF US. We shout with Gladness in your “lights shinning brightly, the good deeds most evident, and we give HIM all the appause”. Thank you for the kind words and great photos. We are eager to hear Brooks sing the BEAR SONG. Please keep us updated on future post, again, we are thankful for you.

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