Why do you want to go to Japan?

People ask us all the time, “why Japan?” and I think it’s a legitimate question.  I mean, we’ve never even been there (though we’re going to visit in just four short weeks).  Well, here are a few video responses to that question which may help you to see things from our perspective:

Answer #1: We love MTW.  The missions organization that a missionary goes with can either be a real blessing or a constant frustration.  This short video may help you understand a little bit about why we want to go overseas with MTW.  (The man speaking is Dan Iverson, the national director for all the MTW teams in Japan).

Answer #2: There is a huge need for the gospel in Japan ( 1/2 of one percent of Japanese are Christians, making them the largest unreached people group in the world) and the timing has never been more perfect.  This short video provides you with some shocking images of the Tsunami’s destruction.  Imagine what it would look like for a tsunami of grace to wash over this tattered country through the continued ministry of the Church!

Answer #3: We’re excited about the team God is building there and we want to be a part of it.  Here is a video of our supervisor, Michael Oh, sharing his testimony and call to Japan at MTW’s 2010 Global Missions Conference.  It’s longer than the others, but it’s very moving.  Please watch it if you have time.

Why Japan?  Why us?  Why now?  We’ve got some reasons, but only God knows for sure.  Please pray with us as we wait expectantly to see what the Lord will do!

2 thoughts on “Why do you want to go to Japan?

  1. #4: to give shelley a reason to knock japan off her list of countries to visit 🙂

    Not quite as noble of a reason but a good one nonetheless 🙂

    Praying for you guys and so proud of the work you are doing!

  2. #5: to be a source of info for Mike when he researches taking a youth group from Lexington, SC to serve in Japan for a missions week! you guys rock!

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