Great is God’s Faithfulness!

25 years ago my dad, The Rev. Dr. John Riva Furman, was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. Now after hearing all that Brooks has to do to go through the ordination process I think we understand a little more about what a huge sacrifice and commitment ordained ministry really is. For 25 years my dad has served two PCA churches (Arden Pres in Asheville, NC and Westminster Pres in Roanoke, VA). Yesterday we had a lunch after church where neighbors and friends from Asheville and Roanoke came to celebrate in his honor.

Many people told funny stories on my dad, but there was also time for reflection on the wonderful things that God has done in and through his ministry over the past 25 years. Dr. Ed Wright one of my dad’s greatest friends preached on Sunday and compared my dad to the leadership style of Barnabas – a great encourager and teacher of the word. I think if we could pick one word to summarize my dad’s life it would be encourager – he sees the image of Christ in all people and loves them all. He welcomes people into his home, he enjoys fellowship with all types of people and this love for people is well known by the  members of every church he’s been in. His faithfulness and commitment to God and the church is small picture of Christ’s faithfulness to his church and his children. It has been a privilege to be back in my dad’s church and we are so glad that we could be there to celebrate this milestone with him yesterday. Congratulations to a wonderful servant of the Lord!


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