Going to Japan!

Fun Fact: My parents found out they were pregnant with me while they were in Japan 26 years ago.  My grandparents were MTW missionaries there and because my dad spent the first 9 years of his life in Japan, he wanted to show my mother (and me) around.

Well, tomorrow (9/1) at 12:50pm, Riva and I get to return to my homeland (kind of) and will be there until 9/15.  We are too excited for words, and are so thankful for the opportunity to travel across the world (they are 13 hours ahead of EST) to listen in on  what God is doing there.  Thank you to all of you who have committed to partner with us in this ministry of reaching the nations and the next generation with the gospel.  We could not be more thankful for your prayers and generous financial contributions that are making this trip possible.  We just bought a new video camera, and if I can figure out how to use it, we’ll do our best to bring Japan back to you.

Christ Bible Institute - right in the heart of downtown, Nagoya. CBI is home to a seminary, lay training ministry, All Nations Fellowship worship event, and coffee house ministry. It will serve as a sort of "home base" for us.

We’ll have some really unique opportunities on this trip.  Riva will have the chance to share her testimony with a group of women and I’ll get to preach at both a Japanese service (9/4), and a bi-lingual service (9/11).  We’ll get to meet our MTW team members there in Nagoya for the first time, enjoy getting to know them, and celebrate the opening of the new seminary building with them (9/10) – the bottom floor is where we’ll eventually teach english, counsel students, and share the gospel.  Plus, we’ll get to spend some sweet time with MKs in the area and hear all about their experiences, favorite places to eat, etc.  We hope to do some apartment shopping as well, and do the best we can to make arrangements for our final arrival there around Dec. 2012!?

There are two main things you can pray for as we go:

1. That God will use us.  We want to serve the Japanese and our MTW missionary families however we can, and as we speak, we desire to see God’s word go forth in power for the salvation of all those who he is calling to himself.

2. That God will teach us.  We want to be like sponges and soak up everything there is to learn about the city of Nagoya, Japanese culture, MTW’s ministry there, and life as a missionary.

Thanks for holding the rope for us as we descend down into the dark unknown.  We love and appreciate you all very much!

5 thoughts on “Going to Japan!

  1. Travel mercies during your journey and God bless you with extarordinary experiences during your stay in Japan!!

  2. Wow! How incredible, God is on the move and moving you. 12/2012 will be here before you know it. I will pray for your “sponginess,” safety, and good fellowship. Bless you both, moshi-moshi, Sharai

  3. While working for Fuji, one of my favorite words at the time was “unbelievable”. Others may say amazing, NO Way! Get Out! or other various words. One of my Japanese trainers taught me a translation which is pronounced shin-jee-rah-ray-nah-eee-nah, meaning “I cannot believe”. So when my Japanese friends would do something funny (or if I slammed my finger in the door), I would yell out “Shinjirareinainaaaa!!!” (really holding the last syllable) and we’d all laugh (or at least I would)! As I think of the Cains’ story, the history you have with the people of Japan, the great work that God has done and will do through you, I want to yell out my favorite Japanese word! But actually, it doesn’t fit does it. Those of us who have seen Christ work and meet needs, we can believe, and we do believe that God is going to do amazing things through you on this initial trip. Blessings to you Brooks and Riva! ohiogazaimas!

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