Sugoi, Japan!

Update: We love Japan!  (Sugoi = cool, neato, good, awesome, groovy, etc.)

Nagoya TV Tower

For the past week+ we have been staying with a Japanese family/in a church just outside Nagoya (below Tokyo on the east coast). We’re eating great food, making good friends, dreaming about what life will be like here, and learning a lot about the language and culture (notice I didn’t say learning the language).  Please continue to pray for wisdom in discerning where to live, which carries related decisions about transportation, budget, neighborhood, options for fellowship, etc.

Google map from the train station to the TV Tower

Our new ministry building which houses Christ Bible Seminary, All Nations Fellowship (an international church), and Heart and Soul Cafe (a coffee shop for youth outreach) will be open for the first time on the 10th and 17th.  Donors and many others are coming in for a ribbon cutting ceremony and tours.  You can be praying that this building will be a place where people are introduced to the grace of the one true God (cafe), learn to worship that God faithfully (church), and learn to lead God’s people well (seminary).  The church and seminary, respectively, are two of the fastest growing christian organizations in Japan, and four times a year, we host the largest Christian youth gathering in Japan. This is an exciting place to be at an exciting time!

I’ll be preaching at All Nations Fellowship on Sunday evening through an interpreter (which is Saturday night for those in the States).  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move even through language barriers, a fledgling preacher, and wandering hearts.  We’ll have some good team time (Our team is incredible!) on Sunday (9/11) and Tuesday (9/13).  Our team is very international (American, Korean, Japanese, and a guy from Hong Kong), mobile (some are leaving in a matter of days to return to the US, some will be here for another year or two, and some will be here for life), and is in a state of transition with the new building opening, so we need the Lord’s help to get a realistic picture of what it will be like to work here when we return, and figure out how we can best serve this team.  We’ll also get to spend some time with a missionary family from another team on Monday evening.  Two of their junior high kids will be in our small groups at the MTW Asia retreat in Malaysia next month.  You can pray that we will be a blessing and encouragement to them.

Thank you all for your many prayers and support.  We can’t wait to tell you what God has been up to when we return!


4 thoughts on “Sugoi, Japan!

  1. Hope Riva’s time with the women went well. It was great to see you via skype! We are praying for your sermon to be used by God, for a good time with team members and their kids, and wisdom as you look for housing possibilities. We love you!

  2. Hi, Riva and Brooks, it’s Kiki! 🙂 I still miss you guys and I’m glad to hear that everything’s going well! My family and I are praying for you~ ^.^

    PS — At the risk of sounding like a smarty pants… I have to draw attention to the title of your post — it’s sugoi, unless segoi is the ‘hip’ way to say it and you’re sure about the pronunciation, then ignore me, of course! ;P

    PPS — What HAVE you been learning about the language? I’m curious as to how you can learn about it but not the language itself lol!

  3. Thanks, Kiki. That’s why we need you here. Wanna hide in our suitcase next time? Regarding your PPS, we’re learning a lot about how their language works (the alphabets, formal vs. informal words, etc.), about the rhythm and song of the language, and about the non-verbal cues and other things inherent in the Japanese language, but we are not learning much vocab.

    1. Yes, please! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! 🙂 And you’re learning the alphabets… With an ‘s’… *twitch* Jkjk, I remember learning them… I hope it’s not too hard? And you’ll need to tell me about the non-verbal clues and such the next time you visit — there is NOTHING on the internet about that kind of stuff! :/

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