Malaysia, here we come!

Malaysia.  I didn’t know where it was either… that’s why I’ve included this handy dandy map.  We’ll leave tomorrow and fly into Singapore, where it’s illegal to chew gum (for real!), and then head north into Malaysia for MTW’s Asia-Pacific Retreat (Oct. 9-19).  It’s a time for missionaries to receive much needed rest and encouragement through times of worship, fellowship, and bible study.  Riva and I, along with 23 other youth leaders, will be facilitating these things for the junior and senior high MKs that attend.  This is an especially exciting retreat for us because all of these students come from the region that the Lord is calling us to serve full time.  In other words, we get to meet our new global youth group!  Please pray that the Lord might use us to encourage and challenge these students with the good news of Jesus, so that they can truly find rest this week.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia, here we come!

  1. So glad to hear an update from you two! I hope all of your travels go smoothly as it seems they have been so far. Miss you guys and are praying for you both!

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