What a welcome home present!

Jet-lag was not going to slow us down.  Riva and I got back from Malaysia just in time to watch the St. Louis Cardinals win game one of the World Series.  What a welcome home present!

Riva's Small Group
Brooks's Small Group

And as I drifted off to sleep, my heart began to overflow with joy at the thought of how many good gifts God has given us over the last two weeks.  He gave us safe travel.  He gave us energy to love and serve our students well in spite of severe jet-lag.  He sent the Holy Spirit to challenge many MKs to become better billboards for God’s grace (the theme of our week) right where they are.  He also provided rest and encouragement for many who were struggling with big transitions or just the everyday challenges of life on the field.  We serve a great God who is doing great things in his world.  Thanks for being a part of it through your prayers and financial support!  Be on the lookout for a whole bunch of pictures.

One thought on “What a welcome home present!

  1. Happy you’re back safe and sound!! Glad you also brought a Cardinal win. Sorry about game 2 but high hopes for game 3!!

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