We’re still alive.

Various missionaries have told me that raising support is a really tough phase of ministry, but I guess I it’s one of those things you have to live to really understand.  To be clear: support raising has been going really well.  We attended Westminster Presbyterian Church’s mission conference last week and Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church’s missions emphasis Sunday two weeks ago, and it was a real blessing to be able to hear what God is doing around the world.

It’s actually the rest of life that’s been so crazy.  In the last month, we were dropped from our health insurance, were hit by a girl who ran a red light (no one was hurt), and had to move out of the basement due to flooding.  These things have just added to the stress of raising support, working our other jobs, and studying for licensure.

Elnet Veldman atop McAfee Knob

It wasn’t until I climbed a mountain that I was able to put everything in perspective.  Tuesday, I was able to get out with some students from church and hike McAfee Knob, one of the most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail.  It was there that the Lord reminded me that he has the whole world in his hands, including me.  This side of heaven, we’ll experience trials, but one day, as the confession says, “believers being raised up in glory, shall be openly acknowledged and acquitted on the day of judgment, and made perfectly blessed in the full enjoyment of God to all eternity.”  Until then, he has given us the Comforter, and the joy of knowing that Christ, our great high priest, understands all that we’re going through.

I don’t know what you’re facing, but may these pictures remind you that our God has the whole world in his hands, even you.  In the mean time, pray for us, even as we pray for you, because the Devil would love nothing more than to discourage us all from fulfilling the various missions God has placed before us.  We need prayer partners interceding on our behalf, and we’re so thankful for all of you who are committed to praying for us and for missionaries around the world.  Thank you!

Justin used to be a model in his former life
Kinda cheesy, but I imagine God reaching his hands down and forming these ridge lines. Doesn't it look like he just combed his fingers through the sand?
Keiffer Alexander White - world famous crevasse jumper
The rocks form a mountaintop maze... perfect for a game of sardines or hide and seek.


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