last thanksgiving?

Realizing that we may only have one Thanksgiving left with our families has especially awakened us to the goodness of God through them!  This week, we’re staying in beautiful Piermont, NY in a huge 19th CE house that my uncle Walter bought, re-furbished, and decorated.  There are 22 wonderful people here with us – aunts, uncles, cousins, etc – from all over the US.  Yesterday, we got to see the Lion King on Broadway, watched as the balloons were inflated for the Macy’s day parade, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a Chinese restaurant downtown.  Tomorrow, we’ll wreak havoc on the city again… and the next day.

Leaving family and gatherings like these sure helps us to appreciate them more.  Leaving helps us to enjoy each interaction, soak in each moment, calculate each word.

But I’ve had to ask myself, “Why don’t I live like this everyday?”  We’re not promised tomorrow.  Each day is a gracious gift.  Lord, give us grace to live every day with this kind of thankfulness and intentionality, and may it overflow in ceaseless praise.  He deserves it every day – not just on Thanksgiving.

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