The Theological Turn In Youth Ministry

One thing that we seek to do here at Global Youth and Family Ministries is to educate.  We want to educate vocational youth workers along with lay ministers, so that we can learn to reach, teach, and serve the next generation better.  And education as we see it, doesn’t start or end with game ideas or “tricks of the trade,” but with a robust theology grounded in God’s heart  for the next generation and expressed supremely in the death and resurrection of Christ.

So, I thought I’d recommend a new book by two of the biggest voices in youth ministry today, Andrew Root (Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry) and Kendra Creasy Dean (Almost Christian).  It’s called The Theological Turn In Youth Ministry.  GYFM associate, Dr. Wesley Vander Lugt has written a very helpful review of it, which you can check out here, at gyfm.orgThe book is for sale on Amazon, where you can read more reviews and even take a peak inside.  I hope it will be helpful as you think with us about ministry to the next generation.

For more “must reads,” check out the GYFM resources page here.  Have a great day, friends!


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