I Passed!

I just wanted to thank you guys for praying for my oral exam today and let you know that I passed, by God’s grace!

I went before the Blue Ridge Presbytery’s candidates and credentials committee today with three other guys.  The committee examined us for a few hours and then gave us all the thumbs up.  Now all I have to do is preach a sermon at presbytery on Jan 20th, undergo an oral exam on the same day, and I should be good to go.  A lot of people are confused about the process of licensure and ordination so if you care, keep reading and I will try to explain it.

Being licensed in the PCA gives you the authority to preach, marry and bury.  It requires that you pass written exams (on Christian Experience, Bible knowledge, Theology, and the Book of Church Order), an oral exam before a committee on the same topics, and then an oral exam before presbytery.  In other words, I just passed stage two, and should be licensed after stage three on Jan. 20th, Lord willing.

I have chosen to do my ordination exams separately, which means that once I am licensed, I still have to take two written exams (Church history/PCA history, and Sacraments) and write an exegetical and a theological paper.  If I pass those, I will take the oral committee exam.  If I pass that, then I will be examined on the floor of Presbytery in May.  Ordination will allow me to administer the sacraments and serve as a pastor, or in my case, an evangelist in the PCA, because I will not really have a congregation in the classic sense.

I know it is all very boring, but hopefully that clears things up for those of you who care.  Thanks for praying, friends!  We so appreciate you!

One thought on “I Passed!

  1. We do care, and thanks so much for the explanation! We are relatively new to the PCA and need to learn all we can. Congratulations!!

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