a new year… a new problem?


As we were cleaning out Grandmom Furman’s home last week, we came across this article from at least 30 years ago which is entiled: “ADVICE TO TEENAGERS.” The article claims that teenagers are “at their best… wiser than adults because they see things more clearly. At their worst they are confused and confusing brats. Because we love them so much (and are a bit intimidated by them), we don’t often criticize them, but for what it is worth, we offer this bit of criticism and sound advice…” After advising kids to spend more time at home helping out, serving others, and reading, the author makes this statement: “Your parents do not owe you entertainment. Your village does not owe you recreational facilities. The world does not owe you a living. You owe the world something.”

I write this because it seems that the problems of entitlement in the younger generation, and confusion and frustration among the older generation are not new. These problems have been around in different forms as long as there has been a generational gap. The difference is that today, we have a greater opportunity to bridge the gap in every nation of the world, and that brings with it a greater responsibility. Our opportunity stems from the emergence of a global youth culture which which has developed out of globalization and ease of mobility. Kids around the world listen to the same music, watch the same shows, “hang out” on facebook, and speak the same txt language. Never in history has there been an opportunity to impact youth around the world with such ease and effectiveness. We believe our God wants us to take advantage of it. That’s why Global Youth and Family Ministries exists.

Will you commit yourself to helping us take advantage of this new opportunity to address an age-old problem? If so, visit our “partner with us” page and make a donation today!

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