Growing up.

“As a parent, the reality of 2012 is that kids today grow up faster than ever before. Do I as a parent like it? Absolutely not – but as a marketer I understand it,” he explained. “From murder and sex to drug use and cursing nothing is too over the top or shocking when it comes to television these days, and just as NYPD many years ago shocked viewers with a bare bottom, pop culture is always about pushing limits – so this is something which can be understood.”

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In what ways are our kids growing up faster and in what ways are they growing up slower? And how should parents and the church respond? Discuss.


2 thoughts on “Growing up.

  1. I understand the desire to emulate real life, but it’s hard to discern when one is crossing the line between creating the culture and responding to it. I think the church needs to be willing to not just be able to host the occasional discusion on these things, but step right into it and get their hands dirty. If it is already out there in the culture, then the church and family should be the last place that it is taboo to mention or consider.

    1. Thanks Drew, I agree. I feel like “growing up,” as the author mentions, is less about knowing that bad things exist, or even experiencing them through adolescence, which we have labeled the inevitable “experimentation phase.” Growing up is more about thinking critically, and make gospel centered choices regarding the things that we experience in our world. The church doesn’t just need to start mentioning these things so that kids know what they are, or tell them how to respond, we need to help kids become culturally discerning, and help them develop wisdom: skill in the art of Godly living. That requires walking along side them through life’s ups and downs, loving them when they fail, and celebrating their triumphs – not just delivering a winsome Sunday school lesson.

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