License to Kill… I mean, Preach.

So, many of you already know this, but I am now licensed to preach within the bounds of Blue Ridge Presbytery!  It’s remarkable that this happened at all, but even more remarkable that it happened on this day because the day before, I was running a fever and having stomach issues (ahem).  The Lord loves to keep us dependent on him!  Thanks Father, for being with me!  Now ask him to HELP.  I’ve not only got the privilege, but now the responsibility to share his truth faithfully and winsomely with the world.  I need your prayers.

In other news, yes Joy, we did make it!  Praise the Lord that he has already brought in support to cover 20% of our monthly needs.  We’re asking him for another 40% by July so we can go to cross cultural training, and another 40% by December so we can get out of here and start sharing the gospel with the Japanese/caring for MKs in Asia.

Seriously, thanks for praying for us, supporting us financially, and loving us well.  In some ways, support raising is fun because we get to see the body of Christ as work, and feel his very tangible love through all of you.  Thanks for encouraging us through your involvement.  And as always, for those of you who are interested in giving and just haven’t gotten around to it, you can do so by clicking here.  We love you!

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