A love that lasts

The other day I was watching a TV show called “Made” where an American girl in the 11th grade asked to be “made” into the lead singer of a hardcore band. She sought this transformation because she was being bullied online.  Someone had told her on facebook to go and kill herself and a bunch of other people from her school had “liked” it.  The show ended in complete transformation, leaving viewers with the message that if you feel like no one likes you, you have to become someone likeable.  But what happens when the novelty of that new persona wears off and she becomes just another hardcore singer?

80% of Japanese youth are involved in bullying.   Many of them also try to find a persona that will ease the ridicule.  Many commit suicide.  Others simply withdraw from society and become hikikomori, spending years locked in their rooms away from social pressure.  No matter the response, the plight is the same for kids all around the world – they soon find that their solution is only a temporary fix for a lasting problem.  Beauty fades.  Fads pass.  The sun comes up.  And the loneliness is still there.

Kids all around the world need to know the love that God has for them in Christ – a love that lasts.  They need to know that there is nothing believers can do to make God love them more, and there is nothing they can do to make him love them less because of what Jesus has done.  And, the best way to teach them them that truth is to show it to them.  Thanks for partnering with us so that we can show the Japanese that kind of love through the relationships we build at the Heart and Soul Café.  Thanks for your part in making sure that Third Culture Kids know that they are loved, even when they feel like outsiders.  Thanks for reaching out to the students right where you live and showing them the unconditional love of Jesus.  Thanks for showing them that they don’t have to settle for a temporary fix.


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