Feeling Blue?

Whenever you’re in a funk, there’s nothing better than experiencing one of the things you love most.  For me, that means going hiking, watching movies, reading a law/justice thriller, spending time with friends and family, or watching the Tarheels play.

The Family

I got to do both of the last two this weekend!  For passing my licensure exams, my wife and parents got me tickets to see the Tarheels whip up on UVA in the Dean Dome.  Rob had no idea we would be there, so we got to surprise him, and the Luptons and a few other friends came along, too.  This was my first time seeing the Heels play live, and it was everything I imagined, even though we experienced it all from the very top row. Can life get any better?

Us with Cami, Cookie, and the Luptons

Yes it can!  How about spending the rest of the weekend with three of the four Quad Couples (That’s what we call our group of four couple friends from seminary… we missed you, Terrells!), hearing one of your best friends preach, and seeing his son get baptized.  Sorry Sam and Jenny, we took pictures with other people’s cameras, so we don’t have any to post.  That doesn’t mean we don’t love you though!

Calvin Andrew Brown, baptized 2/12/12

I’m so thankful for great friends and family, a wonderful wife, and Tarheel basketball of course.

One thought on “Feeling Blue?

  1. Brooks Dawg-I can’t believe you talked about the Cavaliers like that…Glad you gus had a great time. Laura Kate and Andrew’s baby is beautiful. Praying for you guys!!!

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