The “thank you” fish

Want  to hear a cool story? A story about a fish, a wooden coy fish. A long long time ago in a land far away there was a Japanese woman. Despite her upbringing in a culture where less  than 1% of the population was Christian, she heard the gospel, the good news that  Jesus Christ died for her sin and offered her a life of freedom and hope in him. She was so grateful for this good news and also grateful for the American missionaries and church who felt the burden to share this incredible news with people all over the world. Many  years later there was another  missionary getting ready to move from Japan back to the United States. The woman wanted  to give the missionary something to bring back to the  American church to show her appreciation. She searched her home, and found the perfect gift. A fish…
Now please understand that this fish is no ordinary fish. In Japan, fish are a sign of good luck and prosperity. This fish in particular had been in her family for generations and was handcarved from a solid piece of wood. She brought it to the missionary to  ask him to take it back to his church. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fit the beautiful fish in his suitcase to bring back, so he passed it down to a new missionary who had recently moved to Japan. This fish served as a reminder to the new missionary of God’s wonderful purpose and use for missionaries in Japan. When this missionary moved back to the United States over 20 years later he brought the fish back. It sat in his house for years and years and reminded him to continue to pray for and support missionaries in Japan who are called to share the gospel with the Japanese.  Almost  20 years after sitting in Florida the fish made another move. This time to that missionary’s son’s home.
Now it lives in Greenwood, South Carolina where it sits on the coffee table of an American man who  supports missionaries in Japan. He doesn’t just support them financially and prayerfully, but  the newest owner of the fish also supports God’s mission in Japan by sending his oldest son to serve  as a missionary.
This fish has been passed down through many generations, reminding people to pray for the Japanese and to share the good news of Jesus Christ. If you havent figured it out by now we’ll tell you. Brooks’s grandfather, Benson Cain was the new missionary that received the fish. He passed it  down to Brooks’ father, Randy Cain, who has the fish now.

We can’t give yall a fish, but please know how thankful we are that yall are sending us to share the good news of the gospel with the Japanese. May the Lord use us as powerfully  as he has those who have gone before us. Keep praying!

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