And we’re off!


There are times in ministry when we are extra grateful for having a support team that we know lifts us up in prayer on a regular basis! It is helpful to know we are not alone. We also pray for all of you, our friends and family! Please let us know specific ways we can pray for yall and serve yall! We would love your prayers for two specific things this week:

1. Riva’s Licensure process:
Riva finally heard back from the board of counseling with some pretty discouraging news. Her residency in Virginia is not approved (after 10 months of lots of letter writing and appeals) because they are not accepting one of her courses from Covenant Seminary required to accrue residency hours. On top of that they are not accepting 21 more credit hours from Covenant which will be required for licensure. It feels like we’ve been running a race and the finish line has just been taken away. Would you please join us in prayer as we listen to God for his will in this situation? We know that there are other options for licensure and need direction on what path is the wisest for us right now, while trying to raise support and move to Japan!

2. East Asia Retreat:
On a much more exciting note, we are heading to East Asia on Monday to spend time with some MTW missionary kids and their families. Would you please pray for energy – after a 2 day flight and adjusting to a 14 hour time difference – to love and serve these kids well. Also, pray for sensitivity and flexibility that as we meet with these MKs and see their needs and circumstances that we could serve them where they are and find ways to encourage them. Our prayer is that this retreat would be a wonderful time of rest and encouragements for these families. And lastly, would you please pray for safety as we all travel there and back and also safety in the city as we walk around. That they Lord would protect us and even through our interactions in public that we would be a light to the people in this country.

We will try and update while we’re there but internet access may be sporadic. We can’t wait to tell you all about it upon our return after Easter!!


3 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. I am praying for you both and each kid you will ministering to. Thank you for sharing with me their pictures. I am also going to miss you!!!!!!

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