Totally Ordainable!

Brooks looking to the members of Presbytery for more questions. Riva served as the paparazzi and cheering section in the back.

Hey friends!  Just wanted to let you know that after many long months of preparation, Blue Ridge Presbytery has approved me for ordination!  My ordination service will be held on May 25 at 6pm at Greenwood Presbyterian Church, and we would for you to come!  For now, please accept my sincere THANK YOU for all of your prayers, encouragement, and support through all of this.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Just one fruit of your prayers:  There is a pastor in our presbytery who is known for giving guys a hard time on their church history exams.  He was there when the PCA formed in 1973 and is obviously very knowledgable on the subject, so I was nervous when I saw him walk in.  However, thanks to your prayers, he mysteriously left the room when my exam began and re-entered just as the exam ended.  It may not be a big thing, but it’s a small way that I have seen the Lord at work through your prayers, so thank you!  We’ve still got a ways to go in our support raising, so don’t stop praying now.

Much love, you guys!  -B

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