Totally Ordained!

Thank you, Jesus!  

Archie Moore, my pastor growing up issued me a charge reminding me to R.I.V.A – Remember that Jesus came to save sinners, of whom I am the worst, Invite others to the Savior, Value the cross of Jesus, and Applaud the humility that flows from knowing I am loved in spite of myself. Thanks, brother!  You’re a blessing!

John Furman, my father-in-law, preached my ordination sermon from 2 Tim 1, reminding me of all of the people who shared the gospel with me and lived the gospel in front of me throughout my life.  As I got up to give the benediction, I looked around and saw people in the congregation who had kept me in nursery, taught me in sunday school, befriended me through college, pushed me through seminary, and continue to walk through life with me.  Words cannot express my thanks for all that you have done for me!  

A special thanks to my parents for introducing me to Jesus and modeling his love for me everyday (especially through their love for one another as they celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary today!  Happy anniversary!).  An extra special thanks to my wife and partner in life and ministry, who puts up with me and reminds me of the gospel every day through her sacrificial love.  I love you big time!

Carolyne, Kristen, and Riva after Kristen’s graduation on Thursday

But I wasn’t the only one celebrating this week.  Thursday my youngest sister, Kristen graduated from high school.  She’s heading to Furman University in the fall.  Congrats, Que!  I am so proud of you!

Please continue to pray for us as we head to Ridge Haven on Wednesday for our GYFM team meeting and Living in Grace training.  Pray, as John reminded us in his sermon, that we might fan into a flame the gift of God, the Holy Spirit, for it’s only through him that we have the love, and power, and self-control necessary to fulfill the mission to which he has called us.  Pray that we might become daily more dependent upon him.

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