Forming our ministry team

What a great start to our time here in NYC!  We have about 60 people going through CCMI with us (not counting all the kids) answering the call of God to bring the gospel to the world.  Riva and I are serving together on a ministry team in the Washington Heights area (North Manhattan).  Our team has been assigned to work with an intercultural church plant called Uptown Community Church (PCA) in the Washington Heights area.  The area is home to Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants, so our area is very diverse.  It is populated largely by Jews, Dominicans, and art students of all ethnicities who attend a local art school.  We have been assigned the task of conducting ethnographic research throughout the month (studying who lives in our area, what they do, and what kinds of things they value as a community).  We’re also helping with pulpit supply while the pastor is on study leave (Donnie W. and I will each preach twice this month), teaching kids sunday school and leading worship (Riva will help with both of these), and participating in a thursday evening volleyball outreach (in which we will both participate).  Please pray for us and for the Washington Heights community as we seek to shine the light of Jesus in our community.

Here are some pictures from the week thus far:

A teamwork illustration: did you know that you could put balloons on the floor, place a table on top of them, and stand on it without breaking them because when they expand, they work together to share the weight?
Andrews Lupton and Terrell look out over Roosevelt from the roof of the Luptons’ building in Astoria.
Olivia Terrell and Laura Kate Lupton with Riva overlooking the city
Our good friends the Culbertsons from Greenwood Presbyterian Church are also living in our neighborhood and serving Uptown Community Church with us as part of our ministry team.  Here they are in the subway.
Riva and me in Times Square

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