NYC Pics

This month of training is off to a great start!  We couldn’t be more thankful for MTW and the care that they take to prepare their missionaries well for ministry overseas.  As I mentioned before, we’ve enjoyed classes on living, working, and ministering cross-culturally, worked with a small group to serve alongside Uptown Community Church in the Washington Heights neighborhood, and taken time to observe our community and interview the people who live here.  Here are some of the things we’ve seen and learned.  Thanks for praying!  Keep it up!

The volleyball court where we help with volleyball outreach on Thursday nights.
What better way to celebrate the 4th than hotdogs in Central Park?
Fireworks over Penn Station
This is Evangel Christian School where our meetings are held. Everyday we meet there for three hours to discuss issues such as prayer, spiritual warfare, teamwork, team dynamics, evangelism, and contextualization.
Just one of the many sights in Central Park
For our anniversary, Riva and I went to see “Once” on broadway followed by an incredible dinner at a local Thai Restaurant. My fav.
Uptown Community Church meets in Mother Cabrini High School. I’ll be preaching there next week and Riva will be helping with the music.
This is Fort Tryon Park which serves as a local gathering place for the Washington Heights community. Yoga, anyone?
Our cozy apartment building… complete with local transportation.
187th St. is where everyone in our community eats and shops. Great place to meet people!
Washington Heights is home to a large Dominican population, and boy do they make good food. Here’s Riva with an empanada and coconut milk icee.
The beautiful Washington Bridge leads right into our community (and out of it, too).
2/3 of the Uptown Team headed to the Culbertson’s Apartment where we prepare our Sunday School lessons and discuss what we’ve learned about the community through our ethnographic studies.
We get to see this incredible graffiti on the way to class everyday. Notorious B.I.G. in the corner there is my favorite!
We’ve gotten well acquainted with the Subway system here. It’s about an hour ride from our apartment to Evangel where we have class each day. Should serve us well as we head to Nagoya.

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