God is at work!

Tonight, I’m tired.  We were in classes all last week.  Then, we helped with a carnival outreach on Saturday, and on Sunday I preached and Riva led us in song.  Yesterday, we wearily drug ourselves to language acquisition training where they taught us how to pronounce words that our English-speaking tongues are not used to forming.  Today was more of the same, so we’re definitely not taking a vacation on your dime.  We’re working hard.

But more importantly, God is at work.  He’s been at work in four of our friends here whom we’ve been able to share the gospel with over the last week.  We met one of them at Uptown’s volleyball outreach and he came to church last Sunday.  He even went out to lunch with us afterward to discuss the sermon.  God is at work in his heart and it’s so cool to see!  But he’s also been at work in us as well.

I used to think that missionaries were super-Christians, gifted with the twin super-powers of morality and evangelism.  And to be honest, it’s made me wonder what the heck I’m doing going to the mission field.  But this week has reminded us that we don’t have to be great to be missionaries, we just have to be willing.  The real super-power here is the Spirit, and he’s always at work through his word and his people.  So, be encouraged that you’re not supporting a ministry that rises or falls with our abilities.  You’re supporting the mission of God Almighty who has promised his Son a beautiful bride.  And, you can be sure that he will not rest until he has wooed her. Thanks for being a part of what he is doing!

And now, for your viewing pleasure (insert drumroll here):

Steel drums in the subway… it may just be in Harry’s future.
A panel of veterans gives us advice on language learning

Small group discussion (courtesy of the Lang fam).
What better way to unwind than watching a game at Yankee Stadium with the guys (courtesy of Donnie W.)?

Meet some of our future youth group kids (courtesy of Esta):


3 thoughts on “God is at work!

  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful glory you are bringing to God’s name. What a blessing you have received & are passing on.

  2. It is so exciting to learn about all you are doing to prepare for your time in Japan! Thank you for keeping us all updated and keep the pictures coming. 🙂 It is gratifying to feel included, vicariously, in your experience. Praise God for your willingness to serve!!
    God bless you!

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