Thankful for week 3

We’re finally done with language acquisition training.  It was a great week, but it was really intense (9-5 every day).  Add a midnight showing of Batman into the mix, a full Saturday of sightseeing, teaching Sunday School this morning, and attending a church picnic afterward, and you’ll get an idea of how we’re feeling: THANKFUL.  Who else gets an opportunity like this?  These past three weeks have been an incredible chance for us to learn new skills, meet new people, get a taste of what urban living will be like, and learn more how we interact together under stress in a new environment.  All of this is invaluable training for the field, and it’s hard to believe that we only have one left.  Bill Yarborough will be with us this week taking to us about church planting principles and then it will all be over.  Now check out the goods, especially this first video link:

Missionary Code Language

The best thing about living in a Dominican neighborhood? The food!
There also happens to be incredible Greek food just around the corner from our classroom…
…with itty-bitty little coffees!
Don’t worry, this facial hair situation has been remedied.
Statin Island Ferry
Lady Liberty
The Freedom Towers going up near where the Twin Towers used to stand


Nothing hydrates like a good ole fashioned coconut water

Please pray as we finish up this week.  We want to have hearts that are eager to learn and sensitive to what the Lord is teaching us.  Please join us in asking him to continue preparing us for ministry in Japan and across Asia.

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