What we learned in NYC (plus pictures):

1. Urban living provides many opportunities to interact with your neighbors (on the subway, at corner store, etc.) that we don’t often have in the suburbs.  Ie. Building relationships will not be tough in Nagoya if we are intentional.

2. The Holy Spirit is at work.  The challenge is taking the time to look for him and expending the energy to get involved.

3. We should be excited about the new wave of missionaries that the Lord is raising up, because we met some incredible people at CCMI who are being sent out to all four corners of the globe.

4. Being a good neighbor and caring for the poor are core expressions of the gospel at work, not simply a means to evangelism (Lk 4:18ff).

5. Riva and I react differently to stress.  We need grace to recognize the symptoms of stress in one another and respond with grace.

6. Prayer IS ministry.  We need to stop telling people we will pray for them and take the time to pray with them.

7. Evangelism isn’t tough.  The tough part is listening well enough to know how the gospel applies to an individual’s story before you start talking.

8. It’s possible to learn Japanese, but we have to learn to listen before we speak.

9. Conflict is not bad.  Avoiding it is.

10. We have great supporters!  Thanks for sending us to our Cross Cultural Ministry Internship in NYC!

Here is our final installment of NYC pictures:

Meet our dear friends and one of the families we’ll be serving once we get to Japan!
Our subway stop at 184th street in Washington Heights.
Our ministry team with whom we served Uptown Community Church and the Washington Heights neighborhood all month. Love you guys! (courtesy of Donnie W.)
Riva and me paying close attention in class 🙂 (courtesy of Laura Lang).
Church planting class with Bill Yarborough (courtesy of Laura Lang).
The 7 train we took everyday to Emanuel Church (courtesy of Laura Lang).
Sunset from the Lupton’s rooftop (courtesy of Laura Lang)
Mosaic Subway Art (courtesy of Laura Lang).
The Luptons and company leading us in worship before class (LL again).
When the rain comes… missionaries make a way (Laura Lang).
Team Uptown presenting what we learned about our church (courtesy of Laura Lang).
Learning to pronounce foreign sounds with Nancy Craig (by LL again).
Riva practicing her bi-lateral fricatives (courtesy of LL).
Ryan Culbertson raising support outside his building (courtesy of Donnie W.).
I got to do my first communion at Uptown last Sunday! What a great memory to tie to such a great place! (courtesy of Donnie W.)
Japanese Artwork at the MET. A real taxidermied dear covered in balls of glass. It is supposed to represent the fusion of the natural and digital worlds. Pretty cool.

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