Answered Prayer (x2)

1. A few weeks ago, we asked you guys to pray for the Heart and Soul Cafe’s tax situation. Team Leader, Michael Oh wrote a letter to his supporters explaining what happened and here is an excerpt:

“I was ready to negotiate and concede in various areas like our outside sign, the items written on our window, ask if we could do donation basis, etc.  To be honest, I was not optimistic because of the conversation last month.  But they said that we just need to do one thing:  Make it clearer from the outside that we are a religious group doing religious activity… they will check again in November and, if they are happy, they will just walk past us outside and we’ll be totally clear!

And, even more amazing or unexpected, I had a WONDERFUL opportunity to share about the faith with them!  I shared some of my own story with our family faith being the fruit of missionaries going to Korea.  And about the Korean church and God’s amazing work there, and the same for China, as well.  The Tax Officer who was more grumpy last time was VERY responsive, even laughing at my jokes.  Paul (another CBI staff member) was in the next room – and was confused at all the laughter, wondering, “Who is meeting there?”  That officer even asked why Japan had so few Christians.  I shared that the Japanese had been blessed by God in so many ways but, instead of thanking Him, they turned their backs on God.  The Tax Officers both agreed and said that they are too comfortable and that the Japanese just go and clap their hands and do religious ceremonies.  And then I could explain that God, through His son Jesus, wants to have a personal relationship with us – as a loving father with His beloved children.  “RELATIONSHIP” the other Tax Officer said, nodding his head!”

Praise the Lord with us!  His love extends even to tax collectors (literal and metaphorical).  

2. As our newsletter stated, we’re taking a few weeks to just pray and ask God to raise our support, and he proved it to our unbelieving hearts this week.  Miles away from home, on a tour of Ek Balaam, in the jungles of Mexico, we happened to sit down to lunch with a mother and daughter pair who was also on the tour.  The daughter was wearing chacos, so we already assumed she was a Christian (you wouldn’t believe the percentages!), but we were not ready for what came next.  As we conversed, we found out that the mother was a college roommate of longtime MTW missionary to Japan, Jane Brinkerhoff.  Not only that, but she teaches online French courses to TCKs all over the world.  The daughter just went on a short-term trip with MTW, attends a PCA church, and just contacted me to join our support team (Thanks, T!).  

Take heart, dear friends!  It’s God’s mission, to God’s world, through God’s people, on God’s dime.  We just get to be part of it!  Thanks for interceding for us!  God answers prayer!

3 thoughts on “Answered Prayer (x2)

  1. Hello Cains! I loved your second story! (Well obviously I also love the first one, I’d just already heard it. =) ) One of my favorite things about support raising is seeing all the ‘random’ connections between people that I would have never expected. It’s so cool to see how God is at work in the church body – best networking ever. Did you guys get to meet Jane Brinkerhoff when you were in Japan? Everyone from the vision trip spent an afternoon at her church when we were there, and two of the ladies on the trip knew her from years ago when they were both teaching English in…Korea maybe? They had lost track of each other over the years so they were so excited to meet again and update their contact information! Fun stuff. =)


    On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Moshi, Moshi

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