Traveling near…and far.

After several good weeks in Virginia we are ready to hit the road again! We are excited about several opportunities that have recently come up for us. 

First – This weekend we’ll be traveling down to Athens, Georgia to speak with a church about joining our ministry team. Please pray for safety as we travel and for new supporters to join us through prayer and financial contributions!

Next month we will be traveling to CAMBODIA!! Do you know where that is on a map? (just in case you, like I, didn’t)


Even in this small country, MTW has a large presence, including a total of 27 missionary kids! 12 of them are in middle and high school. So, Brooks and I, along with our fearless leader Eric Larsen and his lovely coworker (and daughter) Meghan will be leading a youth program during their country retreat. We will have a week in the country to spend time with these students, meet their families and friends, see their schools and homes, and explore their city. The last 4 days of the week will be spent at a retreat center where we will have more structured time for corporate worship, fellowship and several meeting times to open up God’s word together. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to spend time with these missionary kids and see what God is doing through his people in Cambodia. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve these families on your behalf!  Please pray for safety as we travel and for a restful and encouraging time for these missionaries and their kids!

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