Athens Update

The Lord is always surprising us!  We make our plans, but he directs our steps.  We thought our time in Athens might not be very fruitful, but he opened up an opportunity for us to go there, so we followed.

Our cousins’ cousins. Thanks for entertaining us!

As it turns out, God knew what he was doing.  We had never worshipped at Redeemer Pres. before, and had only one connection that we knew about.  But once we got there, we realized that we had connections with a good portion of the congregation, including my my brother-in-law’s sister, some friends that we’ve met through MTW stuff, the brother of one of our best friends, and a few students that were in our youth group at Lookout Mountain Pres.  As if that weren’t enough, on our way to meet the missions committee, a woman rode with us to help us get there and we discovered that she used to babysit Riva in Asheville!  For the last 12 years, she had been asking the Lord to send counselors to Japan, never knowing all the while that it was little Riva Furman that she had been praying for.

The Lord was orchestrating all kinds of things behind the scenes to give us favor with Redeemer and remind us that we are in his hands and that he will take care of us.  He is continually giving us confidence in the midst of uncertainty and is making us bold in prayer.  Will you join us in asking the Father to do continue to do seemingly impossible things?  

According to our plans and calculations, there is no way we can leave for Japan in January.  Though our schedule is already pretty full through the end of the year, we don’t have enough appointments to raise the remaining funds….  at least on paper…  Will you ask the Father to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine?  Will you ask him to get us to Japan by January?

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