Kingdom of Cambodia!

We’re back, more jet lagged than ever, and ready to start some local travels. THANK YOU for sending us to Cambodia and allowing us to be a blessing to the team there. We’ll be sending out a paper newsletter soon. If you have NOT received a newsletter in the mail from us would you take a second to send us your address? ( Thanks!

Highlight Reel of our trip:

* We were able to spend 4 days in Phnom Phen spending time with the missionary kids – seeing their homes, their city and eating their food.

* We spent 4 days at the White Elephant Resort for MTW’s Cambodia team retreat – we had meetings with the youth group each morning and evening and had plenty of free time to play games in the pool and spend time with the students and their families

* We were able to visit Tuol Sleng and the Killing Fields where we learned about the horrible genocide of a third of the country’s population in the late 70’s when the Khmer Rouge took power. It was horrible to see the prison and mass graves but helped us understand the country and the trauma that still haunts the people of Cambodia.

* 3 Cambodian members of the team taught everyone how to dance traditional Khmer dances one evening (we learned we are not very talented in this area)

* With our youth group of 15 middle and high school students we were able to study the Bible together looking at specific topics such as God’s love and relationships

and now… PICTURE TIME:

Us with our team leader Eric Larsen and his daughter Meghan in front of the Palace
We were able to visit missionaries living in the village outside of Phnom Phen. This is us with them and the Kim kids in front of their home.
Our youth group! (please note that we’re sitting on a brick wall running through the center of this room with no doors so to get to the other side of this wall you must walk outside. Never could figure out the purpose)
A commemorative stupa filled with the skulls of the victims at the Killing Field of Choeung Ek.
Things to avoid while retreating at the White Elephant: food, drinks, drugs, and sex trafficking. Funny sign. Sad reality.
Cambodians gathering on the street to watch the funeral procession. The former king died while we were there and they had his funeral on our last day. Everyone is dressed in white (their traditional funeral attire) and wearing black ribbons which they will continue to wear for 100 days out of respect.
Brooks with some of the students after the Silly Talent Show
we LOVE Global Youth and Family Ministries!!!

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