Equipping Church Leaders

Last week we began a 3 part blog series to explain to strategic goals Global Youth and Family Ministries and how we fit in. Last week we explained how we will be involved in serving the local church and community in Nagoya, Japan. Now we’ll take a shot at explaining the second strategic goal of GYFM, which is to Equip Global Church Leaders.

In a country where only 0.2% of people are Christians (and the majority of those are women!) there is a great need for national leadership within the church, and good leadership means good training. As God brings people to study at Christ Bible Seminary, we want to equip them to disciple the next generation of church leaders that God raises up from among their congregations.  We want to help them think not just globally, but also generationally about the mission of God. As we teach youth ministry courses at CBI, we hope to encourage not only Japanese pastors, but global church leaders to serve as a catalyst for next generation ministry in their churches and communities all over Asia!

Here’s an idea of the effect CBI is having:

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 3.54.38 PMAs part of GYFM we will teach 3 different youth ministry courses at CBS and as guest lecturers all over Asia. The three courses will cover f global youth culture, student development and discipleship, and models and methods for youth ministry. We took all three of these courses during our time at Covenant Seminary and are excited to be able to pass it onto partners all across Asia.  We’ll also offer mentored internships for students who want to come from other countries to learn about cross-cultural youth ministry.

Students taking a course at Christ Bible Seminary
Students taking a course at Christ Bible Seminary
Students upstairs in the library at CBS
Students upstairs in the library at CBS

Please pray with us that God will do amazing things through this ministry.  Ask him to raise up hundreds of national leaders for Japan’s churches who will disciple hundreds of leaders themselves!


One thought on “Equipping Church Leaders

  1. Prayed for you this morning Cains. Thanks for your updates! I love watching God instill passion and discipline in the hearts of international leaders. Grace and peace to you this month.

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