“Moore” prayer please

One of our favorite parts of our job is getting to travel around the world to facilitate retreats for missionary kids. It’s so encouraging to see first hand how God is working through various MTW teams and spend time with MKs on their home turf. This time last year we were able attend the “East Asia” team retreat with our friend Robbie Sweet, where we spent the week with 11 missionary kids who call that country home. 


This year we were hoping to go back, but with the baby due in a few weeks we aren’t able to. Fortunately, another great part of our job is recruiting gifted youth workers from around the world to help to share the load. We hit the jackpot this year when God provided Stephen and Hope Moore to run the “East Asia” retreat in our place.

                                                Stephen and Hope Moore

Stephen and Brooks grew up together in Greenwood, SC where Stephen’s dad was their pastor. Stephen and Hope also attended Covenant College with Brooks. Some of you may know them from Ridge Haven where they worked for the past several years. They are both so gifted in ministry and we are excited to see how God will use them! Would y’all join us in praying for them this week?

Here are some of their requests:

1. Pray that in the midst of a crazy busy season (they just moved to Atlanta this month where Stephen started a new job), they would be able to leave that behind to be mentally and emotionally present with students. Pray also for servant hearts.

2. Pray for them to be able to nurture an environment where the students will grow in relationship with God and each other. 

3. Also, please pray for the families traveling to attend this retreat – for safety, and for much-needed rest and refreshment as they worship the Lord and enjoy fellowship with other believers! 

2 thoughts on ““Moore” prayer please

  1. You all are awesome!!! Thank you so much for including this request in your updates and for letting folks know to pray for the kids and Hope and Stephen!!!

    We are about to send out our update asking for prayer for the retreat too!

    Love ya in Him –

    Sue and John

    2100 Willow Chase Ct Tucker, GA 30084


    770 558 6028 Home 404 863 7624 John 404 863 8116 Sue

  2. That’s awesome that they can go. We’ll definitely be praying for them, and praying for you as you get ready to welcome Baby Cain so soon! (Also, I’m kind of bummed that they’re not at RH anymore…they are always such a blessing to us every time we’ve been in recent years!)

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