She’s Here!

Sorry for the radio silence, but we’ve been trying to catch our breath. Quinn “The Queen” Elizabeth Cain finally made her royal debut on Nov. 27th, weighing in at 7.3lbs and 20in in length. Her favorite hobbies include but are not limited to: being really cute and passing gas.




Honestly, all I can say is that we are truly, incredibly grateful to be entrusted with the stewardship of this child. There was a time when we wondered if the Lord would ever give us a baby, and now that she’s here, all we can do is marvel at the gift. Thank you, Jesus!

And thank YOU! You’ve thrown showers. You’ve sent money and cards. You’ve gone above and beyond to make us feel loved even from across the sea. We’ve got a closet full of diapers, a dresser full of clothes, and a nursery full of baby stuff – we honestly haven’t had to buy a thing for our own child! When Riva’s parents arrived with two suitcases full of stuff from all of you, we had to find extra space for it all. We’re so thankful that our little girl will grow up with physical reminders all around her of how much she is loved, and how well her heavenly Father has provided for her.

BONUS: Many people want to know what it’s like to have a baby in Japan, and without going into all the gory details, I can tell you that we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We had to stay in the hospital for a week, but our room was nicer than any hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The food was better, too. Plus, everyone at the hospital was so kind and respectful. They taught us how to feed and bathe our baby, and provided an aroma-therapy massage after delivery. Our doctor got an English tutor just so she could communicate with us during labor. God provided an English speaking midwife who came to visit us during her breaks just to make sure we were doing ok. A missionary friend stayed with us during the entire labor and delivery to help interpret and explain some of the cultural nuances. Riva’s mom was able to be there for moral support too, and her parents have been doing dishes, laundry, and walking the dog since they landed. For those of you who are currently weighing your birthing options, I’d definitely consider a trip to Japan.

Getting bath giving lessons at the hospital
Quinn with our English speaking midwife Michio
Taking Quinn out on an outing to the port with Riva’s parents

8 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. What can I say???? Isn’t she lovely – feel free to break into Stevie Wonder Song…. WOW – you all made a beautiful baby and thanks for sharing the lovely birth story. I am sure there is so much more to be shared. Maybe some day!!!

    We have been rejoicing from afar and remain in prayer for you as you transition to being three!!! When do the folks leave?

    Love ya

    Sue and John

    2100 Willow Chase Ct Tucker, GA 30084

    770 558 6028 Home 404 863 7624 John 404 863 8116 Sue

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful girl and blessing from God! The pictures you included were fantastic. Thank you for letting us know how God provided for you in Japan during the process!

    Christian, Tracie & Family

  3. Thank you so much for sharing about your new one! We are so happy for you! What a beautiful baby! God is so good. Here in Draper, my children have been faithfully praying for you both and for the new blessing in your lives. They love you from afar and were so excited to see this post! Cries of “The Cain’s baby is here! Look at the sweet baby!!” rang throughout this house. Thank you for sharing with us. We will continue to pray for you every morning in our ‘morning gathering’ time before we begin school. So glad baby Quinn is here. =)

  4. She is beautiful. What a wonderful Christmas gift! So happy for you all & the grandparents. Great pics. Merry Christmas!

  5. Felicidades queridos consiervos, su hijita es preciosa, que Dios les siga bendiciendo, les saludo desde las montañas de Quiché,

  6. WOW! Quinn is beautiful!!! But we expected that…with a pretty mommy and a handsome daddy…well…she didn’t have any chance to be any other way!! In the profile picture she really looks like her daddy!!

    It is also very interesting to hear of the care that Reva had in the hospital…and a week!?!? Here in the US a mother who delivers via vaginal birth stays 2 “overnights” after the birth and a CS stays 3 “overnights”!!! Sounds like Japan is a good place to have a baby!

    God Bless you 3!!!

    Elizabeth & Art Bailie

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