Finding God in a desert





As we have mentioned in other blog posts spending time in abroad for many Japanese students can be life changing. It opens up doors to explore the world, meet new people, and most importantly potentially meet Christ for the first time. It is fairly common for students to become Christians abroad and then come back to Japan as “returnees” ready to deepen their faith. 

We have two good friends who are getting on a plane today to spend the next month living in Arizona – sight seeing and staying in the home of different Christian families. Will you join us in praying for these friends? Please pray that this month would be a month where God reveals himself to them in new ways, they meet new people who will impact their lives, and that their faith may deepen in this time away from their homes. Please also pray for safety as they travel, for protection against homesickness, and for confidence in their English skills as they navigate their way around a new country! 

Thank you for being partners with us and caring for our friends in prayer!


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