Pray for our city

From our 4th floor rooftop of our CBI ministry building you can see the so many distinct parts of downtown Nagoya which makes it a perfect place to sit and pray for the people and the city. I wish each one of you could come to Nagoya – we would buy you some coffee on the first floor cafe and head up to the rooftop. We’d settle in to some green plastic adirandack chairs and look out over this beautiful city where God has sent us. We’d tell you about each area of the city that we could see and pray with you for our ministries, our friends here, and the people we haven’t met yet. That invitation is always open (you should at least come for the coffee!) but until then would you pour yourself a cup of coffee, curl up in your desk chair and take a virtual look around from our rooftop while you pray for God’s kingdom to come in Nagoya?

(Our friend, a seminary student at CBS, wrote these descriptions)

1. Nagoya Station


The east side of the station:  Every generation has gathered in the bustling downtown area of Nagoya.  Spiral Tower, department stores, brand-name shopping, and many dining options line the streets.

The west side of the station:  There are 3-4 preparatory schools, small restaurant-lined streets, and several sex shops.  There are hostess clubs and women that are for sale for sex.  Before World War II, the west side of the station was a big brothel district. In the brothel district, there were more than 100 prostitution hotels, with about 2000 women working in that way.  After World War II, the brothel district was stopped, and now there are hospitals, apartments, sex shops, and hotels.  But there is still the impact left behind by the brothels. 1,124,077 people per day on average use Nagoya Station (2010 survey). Please pray for God to bring restoration and healing to this area of Nagoya. 

2. Central Towers:


In this building, the lower floors consist of department stores and the higher floors are hotels, restaurants, and offices. It was completed in 2000 and has become a landmark of Nagoya. Weather permitting, you can see the Central Towers from Gifu and Mie Prefectures (which are neighboring prefectures). Pray for the Japanese and ex-pats that travel in and out of these buildings would find hope and trust in God. 

3. Spiral Tower

spiral tower

There are three vocational schools in this building. Unfortunately, we don’t have fellowship with students at the vocational schools yet. The building was completed in 2008.  The first and second floors underground consist of businesses and restaurants. There are more than 10 vocational schools near Nagoya Station.  Many young people pass through Nagoya.  Please pray that CBI and other Nagoya Christians will be able to have contact with many young people and will have the opportunity to share the gospel with them. 

4. Aichi University

Aichi university

We have fellowship with some Aichi University students; they come frequently to Heart & Soul Café. Through the team at CBI, some Aichi University students have become Christians. The college students who have become Christians invite some of their friends to the Heart & Soul Café, and some of those friends are hearing about the gospel. At the same time, we would like to do more outreach and more youth discipleship.  Please pray for more people to care for the students.  Pray for Aichi University students and the Christians they are building relationships with in the café.

5. Residential Area

residential area

The residential area is named the “Taiko.”  It is named from a samurai of the Sengoku era of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Toyotomi Hideyoshi was referred to as Hideyoshi Taiko. It is said that Hideyoshi was born in the immediate vicinity around Nakamura Park. That area, and all of the area around it, was named “Taiko.” Many places lost the name “Taiko”, but this area’s name remains. We can see small houses from this rooftop. This area is a residential area continued from before the war. Some houses were burned in the war and have been rebuilt. Many elderly people live in this area. Some elderly people stop by Heart & Soul Café. In the small park across from the CBI building, we have fellowship with some people in the neighborhood. Pray for people still recovering from the war that they would trust us and accept our presence. Pray for boldness for our neighbors to enter the cafe and boldness for us to engage in conversations.

6. Company Apartments


Some mothers who come to Baby English Café live in the large apartments you can see from the roof.  This apartment building is a dormitory of a large company in Japan.  There are younger families who often live in these dormitories with fathers who are busy with work and with mothers who spend a lot of time at home raising their children. They will be able to see the rooftop cross from their apartments.  Please pray that through ministries like Baby English Cafe these women and children might find fellowship and hope through relationships built with Christians in our building.

Thank you for loving our city with us and praying for our neighbors. We hope you can come out and join us on the rooftop one day!

2 thoughts on “Pray for our city

  1. Thanks for the quick view of your city and it’s various areas. I will pray for you and those around you! Sorry I don’t have time for more now but will try to write later.


    On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 6:53 AM, Moshi, Moshi

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