What your prayers do…

Like most of you, we’ve been crazy busy these last two months. And the only thing that has gotten us through it is the fact that we have an army of 500+ people committed to praying for us regularly. SERIOUSLY!

Sometimes you pray about things we’ve mentioned in a newsletter or email, like the Christmas parties we hosted this year. And we’re happy to tell you that God used your prayers. People heard the gospel and some have even followed up with questions and began conversations that will surely lead to their eternal rescue in God’s time. So, thanks for praying about the specific stuff!


But often, you probably don’t know what you pray for, so you offer up general prayers like: “God, please bless the Cains and their ministry with young people, and use them for your glory. Amen.” Today, I just wanted to ask you to PLEASE keep doing that, because God hears even those “blind” prayers and acts in really specific, omniscient, only God can do it sorts of ways.

Two examples:

1. When we moved to our new place almost two months ago, we didn’t know that a nearby parking spot would be hard to find. But, for some reason, people are dying to park their cars in this area, leaving no spaces for the naive foreign types. So, after months of searching, we still had nothing. Thankfully, public transportation is great here, so we were fine, but we were asking God to provide a spot by April 1, so that Riva could get around more easily (accessing and riding the the subway with 2 babies is a real hassle :). And because of your “blind” prayers joined with ours, our beloved “Barney” (because he’s purple and old as a dinosaur) will have a new home starting Feb. 1.


2. Ever moved somewhere and lost your key within the first month?  Yup, that’s me! I needed to bring some things in and our of our building, but wanted to keep the car running because it was cold, so I put my key in the door and used it as I went in and out. Problem is: I left it there! And just one hour later it was already gone. The keys for this building cost a minimum of 200 bucks to replace, not to mention the fact that if it had fallen into the wrong hands, that person would have access to our whole building, and we may have to change all the locks. If I didn’t find it in a hurry, this already unwelcome foreign family was going to become a royal pain in the side of their new, uber safety-conscious Japanese neighbors. Today, our door man called and said the key had been returned.

The moral of the story is: Never stop praying for us. We’re a mess. We need more help than you could possibly imagine. And I am convinced that the only thing keeping us alive are the “blind” prayers you offer for us in your car or when you’re getting ready in the morning. We’re partners in this, you and us. So, keep up the good work!



7 thoughts on “What your prayers do…

  1. “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.” Gen. 28:16 We will keep praying for you all because when we pray we become aware of God’s Presence and what He is doing! Great story, Brooks. I love you All!

  2. Brooks and Riva –

    Great to hear from you and know a bit more of how to pray… we may be praying blindly, but isn’t it so awesome cool that our Heavenly Father sees us and our needs and knows ahead of time what they are and how to answer them! Oh, thank you Lord!

    We are so very thankful.

    Just a bit of an FYI of how He is caring for your Asia Pacific children – even when you are praying those blind prayers…

    The East Asia folks are going to a Paul David Tripp Marriage conference next month for the house church leaders and wives in that big country. It is being organized and led by the HC leadership! Great step! But, Tim wanted the families with our company to go and spend time with these leaders, so most of their kids are also coming. What to do with them during the adult meetings??? He asked me to find childcare for those infant – 10 years old. It was very difficult and isn’t all worked out, but the Father has provided two awesome and gifted women to lead two groups – one group will be 2-5 year olds and the other group will be for the 6-9 year olds. There will be two Thai women helpers to assist the two ladies coming from the States. One of the ladies is from our home church here in Atlanta… and the other is an MTW wife who is raising support with her hubby to join one of the teams in Thailand!!! She is so excited to go to the city of Chiang Mai where she will serve!!!

    So, we are rejoicing about this provisions. Will you continue to pray for the financial support for these two women, the details of what teaching and singing and crafts etc to do with the children, the confirmation of the Thai helpers, and the cooperation of the hotel as we ask them to move furniture etc for the rooms needed for the kids groups.

    John and I will be going to spend time with the adults too.

    We love you two. We do understand your requests and will continue to pray – also about your language learning – that will be a forever request for me to make of the Lord.

    Kisses and muddles to Quinn Baby!

    Love you in Him,

    Sue and John

    2100 Willow Chase Ct Tucker, GA 30084

    770 558 6028 Home 404 863 7624 John cell 404 863 8116 Sue cell

  3. You guys were a huge example to me to remain steadfast through rough times. Keep trusting in the Lord in that difficult mission field, and I’ll keep praying. Love you both!


  4. So glad to hear from you. Sally & I pray for all of you regularly. Yes, our God does answer prayer! Mike Mccann

  5. Great update, bro. Nothing more real (and true about us, too!) than ‘story is, we’re a mess and we need your prayers’. 🙂


  6. What a great reminder of God providing even in the small things! Take heart, Brooks, we are ALL messes and praying for each other is the best way to love. We do love you and your family.
    Sheila Wright

  7. Brooks and Riva, Thanks for continuing to share your lives and ministry with us. Praying that God would continue to fill you up with himself so that you would exude Christ in all the big and little stuff of each day. God loves you! Donna Sent from my iPhone


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