Please pray for our crazy week!

3 prayer requests for this week:

1. Diane Powell, Riva’s supervisor from seminary is here this week! She’s going to be teaching two counseling courses over 6 consecutive days from 9am to 5pm while jet-lagged. Yuck. Please pray for strength for her. Please pray for the students as well. Japan is one of the largest consumers of psychological drugs in the world and yet there are very few counselors. What a great opportunity for pastors and lay leaders to gain tools and skills that they can use to bless the people around them.

IMG_0092 (1)

2. Riva’s focus this week is making sure that Diane has everything she needs, from coffee, to meals, to printouts. She’s excited to learn from Diane and to hear the students’ questions and concerns as she considers how she might help start a counseling program here at Christ Bible Seminary. But she’ll also have Marley in tow all week. So, please pray for stamina. Pray also for Marley to eat and sleep well so that she doesn’t detract from these important classes.


3. While Riva’s out this week, I’ll be home with Quinn and finishing up language school. Honestly, my tendency is sometimes to see Quinn as a distraction from the “real work” of language study. I can’t study flashcards when she’s always shoving books in my face. But I don’t want to think like that. It’s wrong and I need to repent. My prayer is that she’ll see more of what her Heavenly Father is like this week, both through me and in spite of me. She’s been especially sensitive since the grandparents have left and she’s not getting as much attention, so please pray for her little heart as she continues to adjust to having a little sister.

We need you this week. Thanks for having our backs!

2 thoughts on “Please pray for our crazy week!

  1. We love you two! No, we love all four of you in Him! He has gone before you and prepared the way. Now may He make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth!!!

    So thankful for the ministry He has given you and will give because of the counseling opportunities.

    CAN NOT WAIT to be with you all this summer!!! I will get my Quinn baby fix and maybe some Marley snuggles???? Oh, and the two of you too!

    Loves and hugs –

    Sue B, for John as well.

    2100 Willow Chase Ct Tucker, GA 30084

    770 558 6028 Home 404 863 7624 John cell 404 863 8116 Sue cell


  2. I had a recent 5-day stretch with just me and Layla, so I understand what you’re going through this week, bro! I’m praying prayers of empathy 🙂

    Thankful for what you guys are doing!


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