Crazy goodness

The other night, Riva was reflecting on our last few months and commented that they felt like a series of back to back sprints. And I’m horrible at sprints, (just ask my friends from high school)! But God has provided respites between races and a mixed bag of administrative tasks, meetings, and relational ministry time to help us make it through. Here are a few pictures from recent weeks followed by a few prayer requests for the weeks ahead:


I finished my final language school class for a while. Here is our wonderful tutor, Keiko. She’s a Christian and really good at helping me understand the Japanese mindset when it comes to spiritual things. I am very thankful for her help and friendship!


The last team meeting with our teammate Rachel before she returns to the States to raise support. Please consider supporting her (click here for more info) so that we can continue to carry on the good work God has begun here.


At a cafe with the CBI summer interns. I’m sad we won’t get more time with them since we’re headed to the States, but thankful that God is raising up a new generation of missionaries!


These three are friends from a local University. It’s a joy to encourage them as they learn to walk with God, dream and pray with them as they reach out to their friends, and invest deeply in them, the future leaders of the Japanese church.


Here is the flyer from our first ever parenting seminar in Japan. It was a wonderful evening of discussion about adolescence and how to love our adolescents better.

Baby English

We led music for Baby English Cafe, a ministry to help foster community and spiritual discussion among moms of young kids.

English Cafe

I MC’d English Cafe night this month, a time for young people to gather and practice English conversationally.

1. HEALTH: As I write this, I have a mild fever. The trouble is, we get on a plane tomorrow and head to the States with two young children. Please pray for health for everyone and for much patience and faith as we walk through yet another crazy day with our God.

2. REST: These next few weeks (June 19-July 14) will be a time to catch up with all of you, reconnect with family, and plan and decompress with our GYFM teammates. To be honest, I (Brooks) have been making all kinds of excuses for why I can’t spend more time with God lately, and I’d love to come back to Japan more connected than when I left. Would you pray for that?

3. AREA RETREAT: We’re planning a retreat for the MKs in our area (July 25-Aug 3). There are plenty of details to get lost in, but we want to remember what it’s really all about – helping students reconnect with their Maker. Pray for that kind of ethos to pervade the rest of the planning process.

See you soon!


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