Do you believe in forever? – please pray

For a speech for her English class my friend Chiharu chose to share about her experience in the Philippines when she was approached by a 12 year old girl and asked “Do you believe in forever?” This question rattled her and has caused her to continue to ponder months later. (Her speech is pictured below). At the end of the speech she shares that although she originally answered “yes” to the girl she now feels like she doesn’t believe in forever.


Today she asked me the same question. I was able to share that I DO believe in forever and find great joy and hope in that promise. We looked at scripture together to show her where that hope comes from:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” |John 3:16|

And another friend encouraged her that her interest of this subject is evidence that the spirit is working in her heart.

“he has put eternity into man’s heart…” |Ecclesiastes 3:11|

It is common among Japanese to only focus on what you are doing right now in the present. They don’t spend a lot of time thinking far into the future – especially with regards to eternity. This is a bold question to be asking and exciting to be standing so close to the Spirit moving.


Chiharu’s teacher has told her to state more concretely whether or not she believes in forever. She was asked by a non-christian 12 year old Philippino girl and now challenged by her professor to answer this question. She will turn in her final draft of her speech on MONDAY – so here is where you come in…

Would YOU pray for her this weekend? Pray that she would find answers in the Bible and her Jesus Christ that forever DOES exist and she has the hope of a forever living in a place where God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain” |Revelation 21:4|!!

Chiharu knows that I am asking you all to pray. She said she knows that people in America pray for her and she feels their prayers! Join me in praying now so that she might feel your prayers and find peace, hope and answers in Jesus!

4 thoughts on “Do you believe in forever? – please pray

  1. Hi Brooks& Riva, I follow your posts and they often help me pray more specifically for you. Your friend’s “Forever” speech was very thought provoking. It is driving me to anticipate some of the big universal questions people wrestle with& get deeper into Scripture to be more familiar with God answers. So many folks I interact with are also just living for what today brings as well. I am praying for you and the girls this am. Love to you in Christ, Donna Brinkman

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  2. I stopped to pray for her immediately, and will continue. Will you let us know how this comes out? I believe God will reveal the answer to her, and I’m curious to hear the outcome. Thanks for letting us all be part of your ministry in this way.

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