ALL nations fellowship

Our congregation on our first Sunday worshiping downtown.
The downtown campus on our first official Sunday

One of my favorite songs we sing at All Nations Fellowship is a Japanese worship song which declares:

“On that day, every nation, every tongue will lift high your name, strong and mighty to be praised…”

You can listen to one of our incredibly talented friends singing it here. It’s a pretty cool experience to sing this song in both Japanese and English, with people from various nations, and look forward to the day when ALL nations will sing with us at the feet of Jesus (Revelation 7)! This past Sunday, in a country where a church of 30 is considered large, I counted:

14 Japanese

12 caucasian Americans

4 Korean Americans

2 Japanese Americans

6 Koreans

1 Philippino American

1 Englishman

1 Thai woman

(Yes, I sat in church counting heads and jotting notes. Don’t worry it wasn’t during the sermon.) God is growing his church both in number and unity! All Nations Fellowship is not just diverse racially – there are people in our congregation who are ordained seminary graduates worshiping next to people who are hearing the gospel for the first time. We also have people coming from all types of church backgrounds but finding a home at ANF. In a world divided by racial tension, religious fanaticism, and socio-economic division – among an historically proud, mono-cultural, and ethnocentric people – All Nations Fellowship is a beautiful testimony to the unifying power of Jesus’ love!

So, would you take a minute and ask God to help our church respond to and reflect the good news like the early church did:

“…attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts,  praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” |Acts 2:46-47|

At our "nonhalloween" costume party after church a few weeks ago.
At our “non-halloween” costume party after church a few weeks ago.

Would you pray specifically for:

  1. Our pastor Jeremy Sink and staff members Paul Kang and Yu Eguchi, who preach weekly at two services to such a diverse group of people
  2. The children in our church as we figure out the best way to serve them – that God would raise up volunteers and leaders to help accommodate the young families in our church.
  3. For our diverse congregation to work together as one body with the purpose of glorifying, worshiping and enjoying God together.
  4. Our friends who attend worship regularly who do not yet have Jesus as their personal Savior.
  5. The neighborhoods around the two meeting places – that we might be able to reach more people with the good news of Jesus.

    One of our amazing volunteers Juri with some of our ANF kiddos.
    Our sweet friend, Juri volunteering with some of our ANF kiddos.

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