We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.36.14 PM

Even in Japan the anticipation of Christmas is evident all around – only here it looks more like making sure your reservations are set at Kentucky fried Chicken. Many people love the idea of Christmas but in a country where only 0.21% of the population is Christian most have no idea what they are celebrating!

Would you take a second a watch this video that our team in Nagoya created? It’ll give you a chance to meet some of our friends, but we also hope it will give you some insight into the spiritual climate in Japan, and the ministry that we have the privilege of being a part of!

We miss our friends and family in the States, especially during this time of year. Would you pray for us and all our missionary friends who are spending time away from family this Christmas? Would you also pray for our new friends and family here in Japan – that this might be the time when the Christmas hymns playing in the department stores become truth and hope to them?

Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for partnering with us on this journey!




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