God’s rest doesn’t equal 8 hours of sleep a night…

As we sat for over 2 hours yesterday up to our eyeballs in our calendars, other people’s schedules, white out, and color-coding pens, we were overwhelmed with what the next two weeks will look like for our little family. We knew the summer would be crazy but we weren’t expecting the first two weeks with our summer interns to overlap with the last two weeks of ICAN (the international school where several of our students are about to graduate). This means we’re in the midst of sad goodbyes, Brooks is preparing to speak at graduation and we’re welcoming 7 American college age students who we will mentor and walk through ministry with this summer. On top of that my (Riva’s) client load literally doubled this week. The overwhelming feeling we had after looking at our schedule like an impossible rubik’s cube was  “I need a nap!”

The interns: Adam, Eric, Savannah, Isabelle, Kathleen, (another!) Brooks and Stephen

We hung our new weekly calendar up on the wall and headed off to church with a false sense of control. So, as we sat through the sermon I was overwhelmed with the words of Isaiah 30:18: “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion...” The setting in this part of Isaiah is of a scared people group wanting to save and protect themselves in the midst of lots of conflict and God saying “please stop trying so hard! I WANT to protect you. I LONG to be gracious to you!” He wants us to come and rest in him while he fights our battles FOR us. But this rest doesn’t often feel like what we imagine rest feeling like (Hawaiian vacation anyone?!). God’s rest comes IN THE MIDST of conflict, crazy schedules, and chaos. It’s confidence in his power and presence that can revive, sustain, and empower us even in the midst of the craziness.

Please pray for us over the next two weeks that we would communicate well as a family, rest in God’s energy and grace, and be willing to serve wherever we’re needed. Please also pray for our interns who are jet lagging hard right now and jumping into the deep end with cultural training, learning their way around the city, and leading their first ministry event on Friday! Please pray for two of our dearest MK friends as they finish up their finals and move back to the States to attend school (without their families!). Pray also for extra grace for me as I start seeing several new clients this week. We know we aren’t the only busy people facing the future of busyness. We are also praying for you!


I’ve been meeting weekly with Sarah for the last year and have loved watching her grow spiritually and teach me! I will miss her next year as she spends the summer serving with MTW in Belgium and then begins her fall semester at Covenant College. 

Quinn is busy too this summer attending preschool twice a week now (I am still required to stay the whole time!)


The Sink family has been a big part of our lives here and their oldest son Josh (pictured above) will be heading back to the States to finish his senior year of high school and first year of college. The “other Josh” on the right will also be heading back to the States for a fall semester HMA. Please pray for them and their families! 


3 thoughts on “God’s rest doesn’t equal 8 hours of sleep a night…

  1. We’re all for the nap! The companion picture is Jesus sleeping in the boat during the raging storm. We can root for that :). BTW, please tell Josh Sink we enjoyed meeting him in August and prayed for him tonight.

  2. If Sarah needs any Christian contacts in Belgium beyond MTW, we are here until September when we fly out to Nagoya for six months. We’d be glad to help/fellowship/whatever! she may be assigned to a church, but if not we can recommend Vineyard Brussels where we are involved.

  3. The Drury family will definitely be praying for you over the next few weeks. I loved how your clarified finding God’s rest … that it comes “IN THE MIDST of conflict, crazy schedules, and chaos. It’s confidence in his power and presence that can revive, sustain, and empower us even in the midst of the craziness.” I LOVE THIS!! Shine on Cain family!

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