Another Baptism!

“I’m just so thankful that God would allow me to be part of his family,” Sachiyo said as she prepared to receive baptism. If it were any other person, I may have let those words just fall away, but Sachiyo grew up in the foster care system – fatherless, family-less, loveless…

… Until now! Just one short year ago, she and her husband were invited to a Heart & Soul Cafe event where they connected with some Christians who invited them to church. Through regular attendance, bible studies and prayer, God slowly wooed them to himself and on Sunday they were baptized together into the Family of God.

I wish we could say we were the primary ones who led them to Jesus, because then I’d have a lot to boast about, but we weren’t. And that’s actually a grace from God because as I looked around the room, I realized just how many people God had used to draw these friends to himself (from at least 4 different churches!). And many of them were Japanese!

The day is coming when pioneering missionaries will no longer be necessary. It’s our sixth baptism this year at ANF. It’s the second family baptism we’ve witnessed in just 6 months. When my grandparents were here just a few decades ago, they would have considered such fruit a Japanese revival! God is using YOUR prayers to transform this island country on the other side of the world. THANK YOU!

4 thoughts on “Another Baptism!

  1. Oh happy day! So blessed to know that there are people coming into the kingdom in Japan. Our prayers are being answered. Keep pressing on,dear friends. We love y’all .

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