the inexhaustible fountain

We met “K” a few months ago, having returned to the Nagoya area from Tokyo where he had just flunked out of college. He was dejected, embarrassed, and had no friends here. He came to the cafe looking for friends and an opportunity to practice English, and God connected us. Over the past few months, we’ve been hanging out and our interns have done an especially good job of including and loving on K. He comes to church regularly for the fellowship, but is not yet very interested in spiritual things.

“K” is the one holding Quinn in this picture.

We wanted to ask you to pray for 3 things:

  1. K’s college entrance exam in mid July. It’s notoriously hard to get in to a new school halfway through your college career, but if he passes, we’ll get to spend another 2 years with K here in Nagoya!
  2. K’s heart. May God use both the disappointments of this season, as well as the love of the Body of Christ to draw him to himself.
  3. Our hearts as well! As I was reading the passage below, and it struck me that what K needs and what we need are EXACTLY the same thing. We both need to come to a place of repentance and faith. You become a Christian by repenting of your sin and turning to Jesus for rescue, and you continue as a Christian by daily repentance and faith. That’s the Christian life from start to finish.

From Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, July 1, Morning:

The heats of business cares and scorching trials make me need the cooling influences of the river of His grace; I may go at once and drink to the full from the inexhaustible fountain, for in summer and in winter it pours forth its flood.

We NEED him every hour, but that’s both hard both to remember and embarrassing to admit. On the other hand, if we don’t recognize our desperate need, we’ll miss out on enjoying the “inexhaustible fountain” which “pours forth its flood”!

We went to this waterfall with K last week. May his Spirit be so poured out into our hearts!


2 thoughts on “the inexhaustible fountain

  1. Praying for your hearts, my heart, as well as K’s to sense our need of His grace in repentance as we also grow in grace. Also praying for his exam. May our Lord do His work of grace and be glorified in K’s life!

  2. I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your own struggles as you serve the Lord in Japan. You are dear to the Father’s heart and a powerful testimony to His work in you is your awareness of how far you have to grow! So do we all… but we are not all so transparent about our neediness and inadequacy. Thanking God with you that His strength is made perfect in our weakness….

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