God Sightings: Summer Internship

It’s fun to have summer interns here, but it’s also a lot of work. The interns certainly help us do things we couldn’t do on our own, but we also spend a lot of the time that we used to spend on other things taking care of them. So, why invite them?

For us, it’s a strategic way to invest in the next generation of missionaries. An overwhelming number of longterm missionaries here in Japan were interns at some point (some of the best ones I might add). And it’s part of our own story as well. God called me to missions as a highschooler during a sermon in Olanchito, Honduras.

Internships also fit really well with what God has called us to do. We spent a summer investing in interns who are just a little younger than us, and they invested in students who were just a little younger than them. “One generation declares your works to another…” Psalm 145:4.

Here’s what some of the interns had to say about their experiences:

“God really showed me how big He is this summer. He also showed me small and incapable I am, but that He would direct my steps and do amazing things through me, anyways. I realized more than ever, through the people I met and the ways in which I learned God works, that He truly does love me, despite who I am.”

“We would pray before going into different meetings with our new Japanese friends. ‘Lord, give me the words to speak.’ And He would. While I was talking with girls I would pray, ‘Father, how can I share the Gospel with them?’ And He would open doors. One girl I met towards the end of my time told me (literally on the last day that I was in Japan) that she really wanted to learn more about the Christian religion.”

“There were four of us sitting around a table in the café. Three believers (one of whom was Japanese) and the fourth person was not a Christian, but he was coming to church and asking questions. We talked about Christianity. We talked about salvation…We talked for as long as we could about trusting and believing—about what faith meant. The last train leaving Nagoya departed at midnight, he left the café 14 minutes before that time, running.”

“One of the interns and I had the opportunity of meeting a Japanese girl almost every morning for 6 weeks. Why is this story important? Because she was one who the Lord really obviously ‘placed’ in our path. The intern and I had prayed and decided we wanted to start going to a coffee shop. But we weren’t sure which one… The first day we went to Starbucks, we met this girl. She wanted to learn English and we were ‘learning’ Japanese. We had language exchange conversations after that.”

As of right now, two of the ladies and one of the guys are making plans to come back for a longer stint in the near future. God is multiplying the workers and he is using your prayers and financial investment to do it! Thank you!

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