Retreat week: please pray!

The first week of October (THIS WEEK!) there are two big events happening at the same time that we would love for you to pray for: The GYFM team retreat and the “East Asia” team retreat.

On the plane to Malta with Rivas parents (who came to watch the girls) and the Radkes (our newest GYFM team members)

(1) The GYFM retreat (Oct 4-11) in Malta (woohoo!) is a time for us to rest, reconnect with our teammates from all over the globe, be fed by the Lord, led by him, and strategize together about how we can better reach young people for his glory! Please pray specifically for God to do each of those things next week!

The view from our hotel during our 12 hour layover in Rome!

(2) The East Asia team retreat in Thailand is going on at the same time this year. People from all over that big red country are gathering to do the same sorts of things we’re doing as a team – rest, pray, reflect, plan – and they are bringing their kids along with them. So, we have two associates from the States going to minister to their families – Matt and Ruthanne. Please be praying for these students’ hearts to be open to the love and good news that our associates will be serving up. Pray also for Matt and Ruthanne as they minister through jetlag and other distractions, that God would sustain them and use them for his glory!

We need you this week. Thanks for praying!

3 thoughts on “Retreat week: please pray!

  1. Praying for you all this week! Thank you for your faithful emails to us here in the states. I love reading them and praying for you, even tho I rarely send you a reply. Love, Suzy

  2. Praying for rest , to be refreshed and energized, sweet times to be still and rest in His love and to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice. Also that you would creative ideas and specific ways to implement them. Praying for unity and to build one another up. Words of encouragement for each other. For the precious children to be healthy and get good sleep. So fun to have Riva’s parents with y’all to love on their grandchildren. We love y’all and thank God for you and your service Many blessings Carol and Don

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