A peek behind the curtain

The last 4 years in Japan haven’t always been booming with fruit in ministry. At times we’ve felt impotent, illiterate, and aimless. But sometimes God graciously peels the curtain back to allow us to see the amazing story he is writing behind the scenes -one that ends with countless people from all over the world worshiping at the feet of Jesus.


Friday night we had one of those moments. We were at our monthly youth outreach party, one that we had considered canceling. There was a movie night at the school and we expected attendance to be low, but it wasn’t! In fact, someone had to go get more rice to make sure everyone was fed.

At one point a kid got out his tablet and started Facetiming a friend. Brooks almost called him down for not participating in the group activity until he recognized the voices on the other end of the line. It was a group of guys our students met at Adventure Camp last summer who live 7 hours away. These guys had formed a special bond and had continued to communicate and encourage one another completely on their own (unbeknownst to us).

As the conversation continued, we discovered that they weren’t the only people on the line. They were at their own youth gathering! Instead of sitting at home and watching Netflix because no one showed up to our event, we were getting a foretaste of heaven! In a country where not many people know Jesus, 2 groups of young people were hearing the gospel, 7 adults were investing in them, MKs from 2 different mission agencies were among them, at least 4 different nationalities were represented, and our 1 God was getting all the glory!

As I was sitting back trying to soak up the moment, I turned around and realized that our pastor (who allows us to use his house for youth group) was sitting at the kitchen table with one of the Japanese moms having Bible study. They both had their Bibles out and she was not holding back as she asked him deep questions about Scripture and the implications for her life.



This was one of those moments – a moment where God pulled back the curtain and allowed us to see some of the amazing things He’s doing to expand his kingdom both geographically and generationally. We are so thrilled be a small part of this ministry and are thankful for the part you play as well! Most of all, we’re thankful that God’s in charge of it, and are excited to see what He will continue to do even while we’re away.


One thought on “A peek behind the curtain

  1. I grew up in Japan. My parents were missionaries there for 26 years. I know first hand the hard work of planting and sowing and the effects it had on my mom and dad. In fact my mom recently finished writing some fictional stories set in Japan about a young woman and how God pursues a relationship with her. It’s fun to read them as an observer seeing God at work. Please check out her blog if interested (http://karolwhaley.com/).
    It requires real faith to keep ministering often without seeing any fruit. I was so encouraged to read your post and how He gave you a glimpse and pray now that God would continue to use your faithfulness to Him in the lives of people there.

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