First week (back) in the USA

A friend emailed today to ask how our adjustment has been and this is what I told him. Hopefully it will help you know how to pray for us:

“The basement is great! Way better than I could have imagined.”

My in-laws worked hard to make their basement into a comfortable, private 2 bedroom(!!) apartment for us to stay in while we’re here, and it turned out to be just perfect.

“Reentry is a little more exhausting than we anticipated.”
My favorite part of being in the States is DEFINITELY getting to see family (and yes, the Mexican food and Mama’s lasagna)!  I just didn’t realize that the stress of the move combined with jet lag (ours plus a 2 and 3 year old!) would make me feel so tired.
With their Aunt Joy and first cousin on the Cain side, celebrating Marley’s birthday
The girls are doing ok. A little fragile emotionally, but loving all the family attention. It was funny to see their reactions when they received ice in their drinks for the first time or didn’t have to take their shoes off inside. Let the culture shock begin!
We’ve been loving Roanoke! I forgot how much these mountains refresh my heart. We hiked McAfee Knob last Saturday with the girls (longest 8 miles of my life), but it was worth it, and we even got to go running just the two of us on Tuesday.
I’ve noticed that I’ve been staying busy running errands and getting things set up. This is the first time I’ve really sat down to deal with emails or work things, though. It’s been a good change of pace to leave that stuff behind for a bit but I can see how I’m also avoiding the inevitable fundraising and preaching prep I need to be doing. I feel a lot of stress about those things and a little fear about not being able to make up the funds in time for our return ($3,000/mo). I can sense my heart’s longing to withdrawal into the busyness of little projects at the house or run off and hike on my own, and I’m trying to sort out what parts are unhealthy and which are just scratching my handyman/outdoor itch. Trying to keep letting Riva in and process how I am doing with her.”
Hiking McAfee Knob with my little sister, Kristen 
So there it is – a little peak inside my head. Please pray for these things. We’re thankful to be in it with you all!
The girls have loved having a big back yard and putting on shows with their cousin on the Furman side. 

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